13 Annoying Things We Let Slide Because We Love You

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What weird and irritating things will you put up with for your boo?

In every healthy relationship there's a great deal of compromise. You'll watch his favorite team lose the game when you'd much rather be watching one of the Real Housewives completely lose it when someone sits in her seat. He'll spend his entire day waiting for you to pick out a pair of black pants at the mall.

Either way, you do things for your significant other to keep the relationship strong. Sometimes this means putting up with odd or annoying behavior you're only OK with because he's your boo. You know, the "I love you, even though you..."-type of things.

Below, 13 women share what they'll let slide.

1. "Putting your hands down your pants while we're lounging on the couch." - Sarah, 33

2. "Allowing ESPN alerts on your phone. I hear that annoying noise in my sleep!" - Lauren, 29

3. "That you have no attention span at restaurants. When we go anywhere to eat, I have to be sure to sit you facing away from as many people, TVs, plates of food, or shiny objects as possible, otherwise I can kiss the idea of eye contact for extended periods of time goodbye."

4. "Blowing your nose into your hand — and refusing tissues!" — Alyssa, 26

5. "Wearing only one type of shirt, underwear, socks and pants." - Allie, 41

6. "Overusing the most obscure words." — Mary, 29

7. "Driving us around in circles because you don't like asking for directions when we're lost." — Rose, 38

9. "Wearing basketball jerseys to parties." — Lisa, 25

10. "Yelling at the squirrels every time they're on our lawn without fail. Even though they've never listened to you." - Maria, 44

11. "Putting a ton of butter on a tiny piece of bread." — Laura, 50

12. "Buying the store-name brand because it's cheaper, even when you like other brands better." — Rachel, 29

13. "Answering 'K' in text messages." — Dana, 29

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.