Big Day For Love: THIS Was The Most Popular Wedding Date In 2014

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Find out why everyone was drawn to this specific June date.

It's tough to come up with a perfect date for your wedding. People will continuously ask when the big day is  the minute after you get engaged. But it's not that simple. Ideally you would get a date that is important to you, like your anniversary, but then you have to take into account what's convenient for your guests. Once you actually start shopping around for a venue you have to pick a date that's actually available. It'll also have to be a time when you can both take off work easily. Are you sweating yet?

Well, it turns out that a recent Saturday was the most popular one to get married in the United States!

If it seemed like many people you know were attending weddings or getting married last weekend, it wasn't your imagination. Other than the fact that the summer is wedding season, June 14th was the most popular day for Americans to get married this year. According to The Knot, there were 26,000 couples registered with a June 14th wedding date.

One celebrity couple that notably tied the knot on this date was rapper, Eve and a millionaire named Maximillion Cooper.

So why this date? It's no coincidence, according to The Knot. Many people picked the date because it's a day that would have great weather yet it wouldn't be too hot. These are definitely important factors for an outdoor wedding. However, last year people were craving something other than a summer wedding since October 12th was the most popular day. The fall date had 24,100 couples registered to wed while June 1st came in at second.

The site also released that other than the summer being a popular time for such an occasion, November and December are also quite popular months.

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