Dining Don'ts: 10 Women Reveal Their Food Dealbreakers

man eating salad

Ladies reveal their dinner-date red flags, from vegetarians to guys who chew like cows.

Going out to dinner seems like a safe bet for a first date, but these 10 ladies had to throw the napkin in due to their food dealbreakers.

Read on to find out which dining don'ts left their mouths hanging open.

1. Eat as much (if not more) than your date
"When a guy eats less than I do on a date it's a dealbreaker! It makes me feel fat, and if I'm eating out and most likely being paid for, I like to eat...a lot." -Cat, 26

"I'm a healthy eater, so I prefer a guy who can appreciate my need for fresh, veggie-heavy dining. However, I'm more turned off by a guy who is more finicky about his caloric intake than me. I find it to be more 'manly' and therefore more attractive when my date can (and does) eat more than I do. I don't like feeling like I'm the bigger eater, ever." -Brooke, 30

2. Chew politely
"I hate it when guys chew like cows, or smack their lips together. That's my food deal breaker!" -Colleen, 26

"When somebody chews with their mouth open. Or when they talk to me with food in their mouth. It makes my stomach turn, and there is zero chance I will eat with them again!"-Jamie, 27

3. Eat your meat
"I'm a carnivore at heart and always will be, and I could never be with a man who didn't share that same love. I need to be with someone who is just as adventurous when it comes to our palettes!"  -Alli, 26

"I will not date a guy who doesn't eat meat, mainly because I'm an amazing cook and make an incredible steak, but he also needs to eat healthy enough to handle the side of green veggies and salad over fried potatoes and white bread. There has to be a happy medium between fast food junkie and amaranth-obsessed vegan." -Joanna, 30

4. Learn how to hold your utensils
"I hate the way some guys hold their eating utensils! With their hand wrapped around top of the fork or around the knife in a 'stabbing' fashion -- complete dealbreaker." -Becky, 48

5. Don't be picky...
"I went on a date with a guy who was a Paleo. We went to a Spanish tapas place and he refused the sangria because it was 'unnatural.' He also didn't want to order anything off the menu, so I left that date annoyed, hungry, and drunk off of an entire pitcher of sangria, which I ordered before he told me he wouldn't drink any of it."  -Elizabeth, 30

6. ...Or gluttonous
"My dealbreaker: gluttonous eaters. Men whose diets revolve around copious quantities of meat, like surf 'n turf, bacon, foie gras, lamb, cheeseburgers, etc. To me it signals a lack of understanding and concern of how that kind of diet impacts personal health and the environment." -Monica, 45

7. Expand your palette
"I love food, so I want to go out with a guy who I can enjoy good food with — not watch him order off of the kids menu and eat his chicken nuggets." -Brenda, 27

What are your food dealbreakers? Tell us in the comments below.