Twice The Fun? 7 Valuable Lessons From Double Dates

double date

One thing we learned? Figure out who's paying ahead of time.

Nothing teaches us about the ups and downs of life quite like the dating world. In all its wonderful, yet occasionally scary moments, we have the ability to become better people and better daters … or at least know how to pretend to be better daters.

If dating is a learning experience in itself, then double dating is even doubly so. We talked to a few people about their double date experiences and, whether or not, there were lessons to be learned from them.

Lesson #1: Know Your Friend's Intentions.

"I wanted my friend to meet the roommate of the guy I'd been dating — I thought they'd hit it off. She wasn't interested in dating, but just in sex. I knew that going into the date, but if I hadn't, it would have been a complete mess. She and he were out the door to her place before dinner even started," says Kim, 31.

Lesson #2: Have Similar Expectations For The Evening.

"Last winter (maybe the winter before, I forget now) we went to a couples' game night at a friend's house. We all contributed to the meal — I made dessert, one of the girls made her cheesy mashed potatoes, the other girl made the entree, the guys all put out for beer and wine, and then after dinner we all played board games and drank. Well, one of the girls thought 'dinner and drinks' meant 'get shit faced and start arguments over 'Cards Against Humanity,' and it got real uncomfortable real fast. After that, we've scheduled our game nights on Sundays so that everyone has to work the next day and the drunkenness stays to a minimum and so do the fights," says Colleen, 30.


Lesson #3: It Can Lead To Marriage.

"Only ever went on one. It was alright and probably the only way I would've gone out on a date the first time with my now ex-husband," says Jen, 34.


Lesson #4: Be Sensitive.

"The one double date I ever went on, the other couple was just not into it. While I and [I can't remember his name!] were having a blast, they just weren't connecting at all. She was my friend and he was his friend, so it got real weird, and we had to end the evening because it just wasn't fun anymore for them," says Meg, 28.


Lesson #5: Have An Escape Plan.

"I've never been on a double date that wasn't fun to some degree, but I've always had an escape plan with my friend just in case. One of us will have a sneezing fit to let the other one know it's time to go. It's more subtle than running off to the bathroom to gab," says Aimee, 25.


Lesson #6: Figure Out Who's Paying Ahead Of Time.

"When the bill came, my date was planning to pay for he and I, but the other guy was planning to go dutch with his date. It was really awkward for her. You could see it in her face. To try to make it a little better, my date picked up the tab for everyone and the other guy got really defensive about it as if his pride had been stabbed. After that, it just sucked for everyone," says Amber, 25. 

Lesson #7: Me.

"The only reason that my mother agreed to go on a date with my father was because her friend asked her to double date. So, as much as I don't like the idea of them myself, I kind of owe my existence to them," says Tanya, 34.