Fall In Love: 10 Romantic Date Spots In NYC You Simply Must Try


Attention, NYers: We've got a month's worth of amazing dates all lined up for you.

Whether you live New York City or are visiting this summer, there's no denying there's plenty to do in the city that never sleeps. Every where you look there's a new restaurant, bar, exhibit or street festival. But how do you choose the best the city has to offer?

That's why we were ecstatic to see a new book that narrows it down, highligting the NYC's must-dos: 100 Things to Do in New York City Before You Die by James Heidenry. And on that list, you can be assured there are plenty of romantic date night ideas.

So what's there to do in the city with your partner? Here are our 10 favorite dates from the book.


The Brooklyn Bridge
If you're a romantic at heart, this is the perfect date spot. Consider the unbelievable view of the New York Harbor. Hey, maybe the scenery will inspire your guy to write poetry, like it did Walt Whitman (check out "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"). Now wouldn't that be a flawless date night, or what?!
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

You artsy ladies will love this one. The Guggenheim boasts a collection of wide-ranging art, including Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and contemporary. Plus the building itself, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright more than 50 years ago, stands as stunning artwork on its own!
The Film Forum
Take a break from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and check out an indie flick, foreign noir or American classic at one of NYC's best independent theaters on a Friday night. Bring chocolates and snuggle close!
The Empire State Building
A trip to the "Main Deck" on the 26th floor of the Empire State will only cost you $27, and the scenery you'll soak up is priceless. Don't forget your camera — you and your man'll grab some unbelievable shots (and selfies).
Astor Place Hairstylists
Looking for something more unconventional? Get haircuts together at Astor Place! Before you recoil and exit out of the tab, hear us out: This place is known for $16 trims (of course we're not asking you to get a crazy new 'do from a stylist you're unfamiliar with!). This shop's been styling New York hair since the 1940s. Plus, your ends could always use a refreshing chop. Try it out! It'll give you both something to giggle about afterward.
The Lemon Ice King of Corona
Summertime is perfect for an Italian ice date! With loads of flavors and decent prices, you can't go wrong with a Lemon King pit stop after dinner. Don't forget to show each other your tongues afterward.
Coney Island
Another amazing date destination, Coney Island is perfect for that kiss-on-a-ferris-wheel fantasy you've had since you were fifteen. Thrill-seeker at heart? Ride the scarily creaky Cyclone and clutch your guy for dear life.
Inwood Hill Park
Nuts about nature? We've got just the spot for you! The Inwood Hill Park is the only non-landscaped park in the city and boasts caves, valleys, ridges and salt marshes. Lace up your hiking boots and explore! Don't forget to smooch in the particularly scenic areas.
Russian & Turkish Baths
This is perfect if you're both hungover but still want to hang out! A one-day admission is only $35. Relax in the baths, steam rooms and saunas (call beforehand to see for co-ed times). We can't think of a more perfect way to cure a hangover while spending quality time with your guy.
Central Park
Seems like a no-brainer to take a Sunday stroll in the most-visited urban park of the U.S., but we've got something else in mind. Go for a night bike ride! Romantic and mysterious, you're both bound to have an exciting night on wheels.