It's Science: This Is The Recipe For Cuteness

cute girl

Yes, there's a scientifically proven recipe for what is "cute."

If you're one of those people who's forever being put in the "cute" category when you've really always wanted to be put in the "sexy" category, you need to suck it up and accept where your looks have pigeonholed you. Some people are just destined to forever be cute, from birth to adulthood, and that's that. In fact, it's actually quite a desirable quality. Who doesn't love a cutie?

A new study found the exact ingredients for the ideal "cute" face, and it's time the world knows them, too: "chubby cheeks, a small chin, undersized nose, large eyes and rosy complexion." Yes, that's the scientifically proven recipe for what is "cute," and I know you're about to run to the mirror to see if you fit the profile. Well, do you?

This groundbreaking finding was discovered when Professor David Perrett, at St. Andrew's University of School of Psychology and Neuroscience, asked 90 adults to rate the cuteness of 200 babies. Software was then brought in to narrow down what features were most commonly thought of as cute or not cute, by these participating adults …  and voila! What Disney has always known, instantly became knowledge for the rest of us, too!

The study, commissioned by Hallmark for the launch of their new card range, Little Meow, isn't just going to result in even more cutesy cards to choose from every time it's someone's birthday or Mother's Day rolls around, but will also make everyone who knows the recipe aware of why they respond to cute the way they do. As Perrett explains, "Cuteness can evoke both emotions and pleasure and care in humans, so we were keen to discover exactly what makes a person cute."

In other words, your internal "squeee!" response final is rooted in something scientific, and if you're cute, you're more likely to be able to pull at the heartstrings and get what you need. Fact: Ugly puppies get just kibble, while the cute ones are hand-fed right from the dinner table.

But Perrett and his team aren’t quite done with their "exhaustive investigation;" he still wants further facts and figures to really confirm the "ideal combination of features." The man wants answers! He wants to know, without a single doubt what is cute so you, the mere mortals of this world, can know if you’re cute or just some regular ol' shmo with a regular ol' shmo face. However, if the latter is the case for you, with just a 20 percent "application of the cute formula," then you, too, can be deemed a cutie patutie! And isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for? The exact formula to finally get your face "right?" You know, be perfect.

Call me crazy, but there must be other topics Perrett and his team could be placing their focus. Cute is great and definitely the stuff of fairytales, but if being cute is high up on your list of priorities, then you haven't read the paper lately. So, seriously, go read the paper.