Loyal Ladies: Why Women With BFs Aren't Looking At Other Hot Guys

woman yawning
Love, Heartbreak

What do you know? Taken women aren't ogling that hottie with the body across the room.

In a new study, researchers at the International Association for Relationship Research conducted three experiments to see if heterosexual women were more likely to concentrate on the negative characteristics of men they weren't involved with. The result? Yep — women definitely focus on the bad and have an increased chance of turning a blind eye on the good. Ten points for loyalty, ladies.

According to Time, the researchers conducted three experiments on the participants. In the first two, women were asked to remember the behaviors of hot potential bachelors. All of the women were undergraduates, both in relationships and single. They were presented with images of men considered good-looking in the midst of good and bad scenarios — i.e., buying groceries for Grandma (good) or being late to an appointment (bad).

Afterward, the participants were asked to write down the scenarios they remembered. In two out of the three experiments conducted, it was discovered that women in relationships were more likely to recall the bad behavior of the suitors compared to the single ladies.

In the third study, the females were able to remember the negative qualities of hot men easier than the negative qualities in those they would not date, which in this case, were other females (used as a control).

While the study has a couple of flaws (it's not based on real interaction and it's limited to heterosexual women), it's safe to say the experiment suggests that women tend to disregard sexy men when they're in relationships.

So if your man is ever questioning your faithfulness by unreasonable standards, tell him you're not interested in other hot men — it's science.