Shape Up! 7 Easy Ways To Get Healthy — Together

couple cooking

How to workout and eat better together — while having a blast.

Your relationship isn't exactly keeping you and your partner in tip-top shape these days, but with summer well on its way, it's time for the two of you to do something drastic to shake up your eat-sleep-couch-sex-repeat routines.

To celebrate National Women's Health Week, these tips will give your body and mind the healthy makeover they want without forcing you to slave away at the gym day after day. You'll get out, explore new places, make new memories and sweat away the pounds, but the best part is that you'll do it together.

1. Go For A walk

Maybe you hate running — or maybe its your partner that can't stand counting laps as you sprint around the track, but why not walk it out? Think of it more of an opportunity to get to know a new place together. You can go as fast (or slow) as you want. Use the time to connect with one another, to hear about each other's week or the new manager that's really stressing your partner out at the office. Not only will you improve your physical health, but a recent study out of University of Illinois revealed a 20 minute walk actually makes you happier — and smarter.

2. Take A Spin Class

Want to free up your endorphins in ways you never even thought possible? Studies show that physical activity can actually decrease anxiety and depression symptoms. The awesome thing about signing up for a spin class is that you're working out by yourself but in a group setting. It's you against the stationary cycle and the thoughts in your head. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have your partner near by routing you on. And when you're finished, you can hit the showers together.

3. The Biggest Loser: Relationships Edition

Trying to beat the bloat that comes with being a couple? Challenge each other to a Biggest Loser competition and hole weekly weigh-ins to track your progress. Whoever reaches their goal first treats to a victory dinner on Cheat Day!

4. Go Bike Riding

If you don't own your own set of wheels, there's a good chance that you can probably rent a bike by the hour in your city. Pick a warm summer day, pack a picnic and hit the street in search of the perfect picnic spot. It'll be fun to chase after each other and take in the sites side by side. But if that's not enough to sell you on the idea, think of all the awesome Instagrams you'll have from your trip.

5. Play A Little One-On-One

Your partner might be a star on the basketball court, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't test your own skills when the two of you are on the court together. Make a rule that the better player has got to play with one hand behind their back — or that there's no shot-blocking. You'll be shocked just how even the playing field becomes — and just how much fun you both have trying to school each other.

6. Take A Cooking Class

Need to switch up your eating habits? Sure, you can go to the grocery store and get healthier ingredients but then what do you do with them? Check out deals on Groupon or LivingSocial and sign up for a healthy cooking class. Try a vegetarian, vegan, sushi or clean-eating class. You'll have fun cooking together, trying your wholesome meal and then using the recipe for future date nights.

7. Experiment In The Kitchen

If you're a veteran chef but your partner isn't, challenge each other to a weekly cook-off in the kitchen. Every week you guys can swap turns and it’s up to that week's chef to prepare the meal from start to finish. You won't only bond over time spent in the kitchen, but you love the silliness cooking brings out of both of you. It's a fun place to venture off to together — and you don’t even have to leave home.