It's Science! 1 In 5 People Would Have Sex With A Robot


Stop the bus. People would do what?

Robots are certainly similar to humans in many ways but the majority of people would argue that they cannot actually replace humans in most aspects of our lives. However, it seems that 20% of people polled agree that robots can indeed replace humans in the bedroom.


Yes, really. As surprising as it is, 1 in 5 people said that they would get down and dirty with a robot.

These findings were based on a quiz that was taken by over 2,000 people to determine how they feel about robots and the findings were astonishing.

"It seems to have got to the stage where people would rather have sex with something that knows exactly what it's doing, where we know exactly how it will react, and how long it will take, and how good it will be," says Anna Hughes, a schoolteacher in a long term relationship.

But isn't predictability boring? When it comes to doing the deed, isn't half the fun not knowing what to expect so that you can be pleasantly surprised when the sex turns out to be mind blowing?

Also, research has shown over and over again that intimacy and sex are highly inter-related. Without intimacy, the enjoyment of sex can be greatly reduced. So how is it possible for one to enjoy sex when it is impossible to be emotionally and mentally intimate with a machine?

To each their own, we suppose. But we have to wonder: would you have sex with a robot?