10 Women Reveal The Bad Facebook Habits That Are Total Dealbreakers

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Don't fall into their unfriend zone.

We're still not quite sure what Mark Zuckerberg was trying to achieve when he added the "poke" option to Facebook, but as it turns out, there are many other ways to be creepy on this social media platform without using it.

Read on to find out what these 10 women had to say about the likes, status updates, and messages that led them to unfriend a potential love interest on Facebook:

1. Disregarding Your 'Friends In Common'
"Once, my older sister's ex-boyfriend from middle school poked me on Facebook and then started messaging me. When he said, 'You look so familiar,' I wrote back to him saying, 'Yes, that's because you dated my sister in middle school.' His response? 'No, no. That wasn't it.' Maybe check out your 'friends in common' before hitting on someone via Facebook chat ..." — Taylor, 21

2. Obsessive Photo Posts
"I found out via Facebook that the guy I was dating had an unhealthy obsession with the female news anchors on News12 — to the point where he would post photoshopped photos of them on his Facebook, putting their heads on superhero bodies like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Catwoman. Dealbreaker." — Eileen, 46

3. Distasteful College Photos
"I had been on two dates with this guy that I really liked. Throughout the course of a week, we chatted every day via text. He asked me if I had a Facebook, and we exchanged info. He friended me that night and I did what I assume every girl does. .. I went through all his photos/liked pages/events/posts etc. Nothing jumped out as too weird or abnormal until I found an album titled 'flavors of the month,' filled with random photos of girls. Granted, this was an album from college, and maybe he'd grown up since then...but I wasn't willing to give him the benefit of the doubt." — Libby, 35

4. Gross Suggestions
"I had a guy randomly add me on Facebook. We had mutual friends in common, so I accepted...and then he messaged me saying, 'I wish you were my sweat towel at the gym.' What?! Ew." — Emily, 27

5. Liking EVERYTHING You Post
"When a guy likes every one of my pictures, status updates, etc., it's a dealbreaker for me. It just comes off as a huge sign of desperation." — Amanda, 22

6. Don't Try To Start A Relationship With A Random Person On Facebook ...
"I've had numerous individuals contact me inappropriately via Facebook in hopes of starting a relationship, which is a huge dealbreaker." — Stacy, 45

7. Photos With Lots Of Girls
"When a guy has a bunch of pictures of him with other girls on his Facebook, or the same consistent girl, or photos of him out every weekend ... with girls. I feel like if he's a social butterfly, he's looking to hit it and quit it, you know?" — Nana, 24

8. Obsessive Facebook Messaging
"I was friends with a cute guy from my job, and we stayed in touch via Facebook after I left. But it got to a point where he was constantly messaging me all the time and being really annoying about it. I ignored him thinking it would fade out...but he still messages me at least once a day. I have not responded to a single message in over a year." — Lisa, 25

9. Being Downright Sketchy
"I dated this guy for a month or so when out of nowhere, he completely blocked me on Facebook. When I asked about it, he told me that he had deleted the whole thing and that he was 'over' using Facebook.  What he forgot was that we had a mutual friend in common ... who told me that what had really been happening was that he was casually seeing his ex again, and didn't want me to find out via Facebook!" — Ashley, 28

10. Relentless Facebook Invitations
"I was at a party for a friend when a guy asked to be my Facebook friend as I was getting ready to head out.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but then the Facebook invites started piling up — he invited me to EVERYTHING — birthday parties of friends, dinner parties, sporting events — even a bachelor party! I started to think, maybe it was all a mistake, so I messaged him asking if these invites were for someone else.  He wrote back saying, 'I just hoped that, eventually, you would say yes to one.' Uh, what? You can't just ask me out on a normal date? Dealbreaker." — Hailey, 26