28 Outrageous Wedding Photos You Won't Believe Exist

skeletons wedding photo in front of carriage

Some of these are funny, some of these are weird ... and some of these are flat out scary!

Wedding photos are great to have in order to look back on your big day. You want to really invest in a good photographer because in the end the photos and the rings are the only mementos that will stick around in the years to come. Now when it comes to photos from the wedding, you might expect to see the shot of the couple having their kiss at the ceremony, them walking down the altar together, and of course the picture of them shoving cake into each other's faces. Well, it's time to get rid of all those expectations and scroll through these unbelievable real wedding photos.

Weddings surely come in all types and reflect what the couple is all about. This list will surely remind you that there are some interesting individuals out there who are bold enough to include tractors, cosplay costumes, coffins and bloody makeup in order to make their wedding day special.

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