Guys, Listen Up: What Women Want You To Know

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Women tell men what they need to know for a successful relationship.

Women have unrealistic expectations about what guys should know about dating and relationships. I know this because — you guessed it — I'm a female. And while we don't expect you to magically know everything we're thinking all of the time, we do expect you to magically know what we're thinking most some of the time. To get you up to speed, I asked a handful of the sisterhood the one thing they wish men came out of the package knowing. Here's what they had to say ...

"If you give her a present for her birthday or a special occasion, buy a card and write a nice note for her too. She'll hang on to it and re-read it when she's feeling sad or missing you." —Erica O.

"Change her lightbulbs when you notice they've gone out." —Jenn B.

"Always offer to carry the kitty litter home from the store, or out of the car. That stuff is heavy." —Mary M.

"Tell her she's pretty every time you see her, not once in a while. Just because you said it once doesn't mean you don't need to say it again." —Deirdre O.

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