'Sex And The City's Gilles Marini: 'I Don't Deserve My Wife'

Gilles Marini and wife Carole

The way the hot, naked guy from the 'Sex and the City' movie talks about his wife will melt you!

Having splashed onto the scene — literally — with a sexy shower scene in 2008's Sex and the City movie, Gilles Marini went on to tango and waltz his way to wider popularity on Dancing With the Stars.

He's been working steadily ever since on TV, and is currently in two series, playing one of the dads in ABC Family's Switched at Birth and a married-but-cheating pastry chef in 2 Broke Girls. And did we mention he also recently filmed two movies, titled The List and The Last Rescue? We caught up with this easy-on-the-eyes Frenchman at the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge before the Academy Awards, while his wife Carole was nearby checking out the products.

YourTango: What brings you here, Gilles?

Gilles Marini: My wife. It's fun to see her smiling, being happy about getting things here and there. It's like Christmas in March.

YourTango: You've been married for 15 years — what's the secret?

Gilles Marini: In one word, it's her. She's the one who balances everything. She keeps everybody grounded and keeps everything solid. I always try to keep Carole happy as much as I can. Obviously, with my line of work, it's hard for me to be home all the time, but when I am I try to make things happen that are special. But she is a superwoman. I don't deserve her, that's for sure.

YourTango: Have you had fun playing opposite Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings on 2 Broke Girls?

Gilles Marini: Yes, Beth is awesome and Kat is a wonderful human being. She just got a new house with her boyfriend Nick Zano. I think he's the hottest guy in the world. I have a man-crush on him, I guess. He's very sweet, a great guy and they're very good together. I think comedy is the hardest from of acting. I give Beth and Kat respect and props — they do 47 pages of dialog every week.

YourTango: Anything funny happen during your romantic scenes with Beth?

Gilles Marini: Once I made Beth laugh and she spit her gum out of her mouth, and it landed on the window. I took a picture of it.

YourTango: You should do a juicy romantic drama.

Gilles Marini: I agree with you. That will come in time ... I'm busy — a good problem to have. I shot two movies, one is called The List, which is a dramedy, and the other is The Last Rescue, which is action though my character doesn't have much action in it. I can't say what it is or it will give away the plot.

YourTango: What happened to your hand? Did you hurt yourself?

Gilles Marini: I fractured my fingers a few weeks ago. A railroad tie fell on me. I also broke my shoulder. I was trying to make a retaining wall and thought I could do it myself. I do crazy stuff like that all the time.

Photo: Wireimage – Vincent Sandoval