It's Science: Your Date Says This Is The Most Attractive Drink


There's a lot that goes into getting ready for a date. You have to find the right outfit, the right hairstyle, the right perfume, and you possibly have a glass of wine or two during the process. Apparently both men and women own up to drinking before and during a first date.

This includes 36.4 percent of singles who have a drink before going out and 48.9 percent of singles will drink moderately (2-3 drinks) during the date by drinking. Only 9.2 percent opt out on having a drink on a first date.

Since most people seem to feel like drinking helps break the ice and is appropriate on a first date, another question comes to mind. Is your drink choice a turn off or turn on?

Heterosexual men and women gave their answers and you may be surprised on what they find to be most attractive.

Find out how attractive your drink choice is here: How Much Are We All Drinking On First Dates?

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