Want To Save Money? Here's Why Online Dating Is Your Piggy Bank

piggy bank

The digital get-down isn't just making the dating pool smaller – it's making find love cheaper, too.

Good news! You don't have to rack up a bill in order to find a new beau. According to a new study, dating online is more cost-effective than dating off,  so you can kiss the days of making reservations at a bar — or meeting up for drinks — so long. Turns out, you don't need to meet face-to-face to know if you've got a future together. Here's why.

1. Only the financially barbaric date offline.

According to the study, it normally takes couples dating IRL 42 months to decide whether or not they're going to put a ring on it. That's three and a half years of dinner, drinks, brunches, movies and adventures you could be cashing in on. So for those of you hitting the three-year mark with your partner, congratulations, you're a fiscally irresponsible idiot.

2. Joining a dating website is basically the same as paying for the three dates.

According to the study, the average online dater spends about $239 in online dating profiles. That's like appetizer, drinks, dinner and dessert for at least the first two dates, if not the third (and depending on what your budget is, maybe the fourth and fifth included). 

3. Women don't want roses, they want words.

Not much of a Wordsworth? You'll learn — and fast. With your trusty online thesaurus by your side, you'd be surprised how quickly guys can woo a girl into thinking she's found the one (and who knows, maybe she has?). Turns out all that petty cash you wasted on sending flowers to her at the office and saving some for when she gets to the restaurant is just silly. Instead, ask yourself: What would Shakespeare say?

4. You'll rack up a smaller bar tab.

Finally, a godsend from my Whiskey-filled Heaven. Was it just me or was my bar tab getting a little ridiculous there for a minute? But since women don’t really want glasses of Sauvignon Blanc by the flute, you’ll save tons. Just be sure to stop by your local Starbucks for a half-caff vanilla latte (hold the foam) before logging in to your dating site of choice. You might not be throwing Picklebacks down your throat all night to keep the buzz alive anymore, but you’re still expected to type with as much vigor and excitement as ever.

5. You’ll find The One faster.

In the study, the researchers basically say that the longer you date, the longer you'll pay for dates, which basically sounds like equating dating to chores, if you beat around the bush. So to make it simple, take your dating digital. By keeping things solely in the Interwebz portal, you’ll find the elusive The One faster than you can say "I'll have the Veal Bolognese with Angel Hair, Fra Diavolo, if you have it, with a side of Haricots Ver."

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