30 Ways To Give Your Partner A Giggle Fit


Unleash your funny bone! Rolling on the floor laughing can do wonders for your relationship.

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on laughter — and its role in a fulfilling relationship.

Laughter is not only the best medicine, it's also one of the best ways to bond with the people you love most, whether that be friends, family or your partner. Naturally, though, with V-Day coming up, you can always up the ante on your romantic humor level. In fact, a Penn State study found that a sense of humor is one of the most desirable traits in a partner. (And did we mention laughter is contagious, too?)

So keep the romance alive and check out these easy ways to make your sweetheart literally LOL.

1. Take him to a stand-up comedy show. Either it will be hilariously funny or it will be so bad, it's kind of good.

2. Make out while eating Pop Rocks. You will feel like adorable ninth graders together, which is both charming and ridiculous enough that it’s guaranteed to make you laugh together.

3. Watch Archer together. No, really — it's perfect for any time of day when you two need a funny TV break.

4. Bring him to a carnival and introduce him to all the clowns. Note: this may not give your partner a giggle fit so much as a terror fit if he's freaked out by clowns.

5. Take him to a karaoke bar. Sing him a beautiful ballad declaring your love in public. Or if that's not embarrassing enough, serenade him with something ridiculously unromantic, like the Thong Song.

6. Make the dumbest, cheesiest e-card. It'll be a card he'll never forget, complete with sparkly, MySpace-esque garnishes.

7. Go to an old movie festival playing slapstick comedies. Then "accidentally" reenact a scene upon arriving at home.

8. Attempt several of the most ridiculous sex advice tidbits from old magazines. Precaution: There will be a lot of ice and confusion.

9. Blow a raspberry in his stomach. One of the oldest tricks in the book — and it still works like a charm.

10. Dress up as his favorite superhero for your next date. This will be embarrassing for you, but it is guaranteed to result in laughter.

11. Play Scrabble. Provided you both are neither particularly pretentious nor sore losers, this is always a fun, silly time full of questionable dirty words and verifying stuff in the dictionary.

12. Do impressions of each other. Switch roles! Ask each other questions and answer as your partner would. You'll crack up at either how well you two really know each other — or how bad you both are at doing imitations.

13. Do harmless, silly pranks around the house. Things that will leave him laughing (as opposed to livid). Remember the Mayo prank?

14. Put an amazing comic on the bathroom mirror. When he first wakes up, he'll have something to laugh at while brushing his teeth.

15. Reset his ringtone. So that when you call, the sound from your favorite weird animal plays (notable favorites: giraffes, goats, and dogs whose owners make tons of money from YouTube). Keep Reading ...

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