Zombie Love: Couple Takes 'The Walking Dead' Engagement Photos

Walking Dead Engagement Photos

Zombies, axes, face masks. ... sounds perfect for engagement photos!

Once you get engaged you make the announcement by taking beautiful photos with your fiancé. Besides your wedding pictures these will probably the best pictures you'll ever take together. So you plan on getting in nicest outfit you have, right? Well, not exactly for this couple.

Reddit user, LandDinKC posted engagement photos that had a much darker theme than the usual flowers-in-a-field backdrop. Instead the couple took their love and put it against their version of AMC's The Walking Dead

Perhaps there's something romantic about being one of the last non-flesh eating humans in the world, but face masks and axes certainly hide that factor. The couple didn't dress up as any of the characters however. Instead they ditched the cowboy hats and dirt covered clothes for a dressier ensemble.

I'm sure fellow AMC fans are hoping for a couple to now do a Breaking Bad engagement shoot. Imagine the yellow suits that would be involved in that!

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