It's Science: Touching Your BF's Boxers Makes You Want To Shop

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This may explain last month's credit card bill ...

This might just be the most bizarre study ever conducted, and also one of the most interesting: conducted by the Research Center for Marketing and Consumer Science at Belgian University K.U. Leuven, the study is called, "What a feeling! Touching sexually laden stimuli makes women seek rewards." It was published in the latest edition of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and here is what the researchers found.

In a nutshell, the study reveals that touching things that either vaguely or directly reference sexual stimuli — say, for example, your man’s boxers — increases your brain's reward center's drive to seek rewards. They looked at how women responded when they touched boxers in a department store (as opposed to just looking at them), and discovered that the tactile experience of coming into contact with something somewhat sexual made them drop more cash.

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