OMG Shoes! Your Boyfriend's Unexpected (& Expensive!) Habit

Mens' Fashion: Your Boyfriend's Unexpected (And Expensive) Habit
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Five sexy pairs to feed his shoe addiction.

Notice anything different about your closet? Like, say, it's suddenly balanced in a new way? There are less options in your size and a ton more in your dude's? Well, you're not alone: young men are now spending more money on shoes than women.

Despite the stereotype that women are all a bunch of Carrie Bradshaws who collect Louboutins like baseball cards, a study by market research company Mintel shows that men in the 16- to 24-year-old range are actually outspending women in the same demographic on shoes by 15 percent. Rather than making do with older shoes, as men over 45 are doing more of, the younger male crowd is getting out to more stores, snagging more of the latest styles and getting more interested in staying up-to-date.

As a result of this shift, we decided to ask some women what shoes they specifically love to see most on guys they're interested in. The results were all over the place with regard to style, but most seemed to have at least one preference. Fellas, listen up.

1. Wing Tips
boyfriend's unexpected and expensive habit" src="https://www.yourtango.com/sites/default/files/misc-assets/wingtip.jpg" title=" your boyfriend's unexpected and expensive habit">

"Wing tips for sure," said Candace, "especially Allen Edmonds."

McAllister Wingtip Oxfords, $345

2. Oxfords

"Something sexy," said Kanani. "Johnston and Murphy, an Oxford or something similar. Anything that requires the most minimal fashion decision or effort. Ira Glass was wearing a two-tone saddle shoe once and I almost died."

Cardell Saddle, $165

3. Penny Loafers

"They say I'm casual but I mean business, so I love a good penny loafer," remarked Caitlin.

'Howland' Penny Loafer, $99

4. Boat Shoes

Many women liked relaxed but stylish boat shoes, with several noting that Sperrys were their favorites to see guys in. "They're good for any occasion — and guys can wear them comfortably," explained Sarah.

Men's Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoe by Made in Maine, $300

5. Shiny & New

Personally, I love a nice pair of shiny black or brown faux leather shoes is always attractive, particularly when accompanied by well-fitted trousers and a suit jacket. 

Florsheim 'Jet' Plain Toe Oxford, $125

In general, it seems that the consensus among women is that a polished, cared-for shoe choice — no matter the style — is a desirable one, so men looking to grab ladies' attention via footwear may want to keep that in mind.

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