Love Bytes: What Happens When Your Sex Life Starts Dying?

they're not having sex
Love, Heartbreak

Plus, how to avoid completely ditching your friends for a new love.

Bed death is not a pretty site. I'm not talking about granddad going to the great beyond. I mean when you and your partner quit enjoying one another's erogenous zones. One married man has a solution and it does not involve BIG JIM SLADE. (The Frisky)

Never break up up with a man while he's nudey, and other love lessons from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Good Men Project)

What's a Save-cation and will it rescue your dismal marriage? (The Stir)

Is there an ideal weight for women? I guess I'll keep these jokes to myself then. (ANewMode)

Should you text a fella first? Whoa. You don't want him to think that you like him, do you? (

High praise for yoga pants. Yeah girl, keep doin' what you're doin'. (The Gloss)

Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL. A pair (can't use the word couple) needed a place to bone. There was a nearby locked high school… (Huffington Post)

Why do men lie? Sometimes we get tired. Oh, the other kind of lie. I guess same answer. (ANewMode)

How do you give a new relationship the correct amount of attention BUT not say sayanora to your old pals? (Essence)

If you had one "hall pass" a year would it keep you faithful the other 364 days? Sounds … smart? (Em & Lo)

We're almost out of summer. Enjoy these 30 dates with your boo NOW or freeze to death on that Slip N Slide. (TresSugar)

Guess what Kate Middleton listed as her occupation on the birth certificate of her new baby? Hint: it's not gorgeous angel incarnate. (Wet Paint)

Yeah, I guess we call it PTSD. Sex is different for men post-partum. (The Daily Beast)

This British Airways commercial will make you cry your face off. (Huffington Post)

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