Love Bytes: What Happens When Your Sex Life Starts Dying?

they're not having sex
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Plus, how to avoid completely ditching your friends for a new love.

Bed death is not a pretty site. I'm not talking about granddad going to the great beyond. I mean when you and your partner quit enjoying one another's erogenous zones. One married man has a solution and it does not involve BIG JIM SLADE. (The Frisky)

Never break up up with a man while he's nudey, and other love lessons from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Good Men Project)

What's a Save-cation and will it rescue your dismal marriage? (The Stir)

Is there an ideal weight for women? I guess I'll keep these jokes to myself then. (ANewMode)

Should you text a fella first? Whoa. You don't want him to think that you like him, do you? (Gurl.com)

High praise for yoga pants. Yeah girl, keep doin' what you're doin'. (The Gloss)

Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL. A pair (can't use the word couple) needed a place to bone. There was a nearby locked high school… (Huffington Post)

Why do men lie? Sometimes we get tired. Oh, the other kind of lie. I guess same answer. (ANewMode)

How do you give a new relationship the correct amount of attention BUT not say sayanora to your old pals? (Essence)

If you had one "hall pass" a year would it keep you faithful the other 364 days? Sounds … smart? (Em & Lo)

We're almost out of summer. Enjoy these 30 dates with your boo NOW or freeze to death on that Slip N Slide. (TresSugar)

Guess what Kate Middleton listed as her occupation on the birth certificate of her new baby? Hint: it's not gorgeous angel incarnate. (Wet Paint)

Yeah, I guess we call it PTSD. Sex is different for men post-partum. (The Daily Beast)

This British Airways commercial will make you cry your face off. (Huffington Post)

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