Savor The Date! 6 Date Night Ideas For Foodie Couples

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Foodie couples, get ready to spice it up!

Tired of the same ole same date night routine?

Don't sweat it — these sultry, exciting and out-of-the-box date night ideas are the perfect way to enjoy your two favorite things — food and wine — with your favorite person.

1. Visit A Winery

Pick a day, plan a picnic lunch and get out of town! Exploring a winery together will give you two a chance to connect over some booze. You'll sample some fresh flavors, learn how wines are made and weave in to (and out of) hundreds and hundreds of decades-old wine barrels. On your way out, pick up a few bottles and spend the afternoon drinking, snacking and delighting in both the booze and your beau. Find a winery near you.

2. Wine Tasting

If spending an afternoon at a winery isn't your thing, schedule a wine tasting (by yourselves or with some friends). Head to your favorite upscale wine locale and ask them for a sampling menu. You'll try each of the best wines the restaurant has to offer — and you won't spend a fortune doing so!

3. Take a Cooking Class

No matter where you are, you'll be able to find a cooking school that offers classes to every amateur chef. You can pick and choose the courses and what level suits you best. Italian, sushi-making, vegetarian classes — there's plenty of mouthwatering options for you and your guy. You'll cover everything from ingredients to prep work, and the biggest bonus of the night will be savoring every last bite.

4. Try A Tasting Menu

There's at least one expensive restaurant in town that you’re both absolutely dying to try — and sampling the menu's biggest highlights is the best way to do it. Call ahead and ask for a tasting menu. It will be served by course, so set aside a chunk of time for the meal and get ready to be wined, dined and totally delighted.

5. Find A Wine And Cheese Festival

These delish festivals take place all over the country all year round. Sometimes they're bigger, other times they're smaller, more local festivals, but regardless, the food and drinks heavenly. If you're planning to head out of town to hit a festival, make a weekend getaway out of it. It'll be the tastiest vacation yet.

6.  Plan A Food Tour

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C'mon, if you love food like the rest of us do, then finding a food tour is an absolute must for any foodie. It's a like a giant buffet of all your favorite, delicious and divine eats, so make sure you both come hungry — and leave plenty of room for seconds (and thirds … and fourths!). Hint: these kinds of events are usually sponsored by big name food industry people (like the Food Network), so be sure to check there first for dates, details and some inspiration. Chances are, you can find a party dedicated to the tasty treats you love in your neighborhood. And if not, create your own foodie roadmap, and make sure to hit all the scrumptious essentials in your 'hood.