Throwback Thursday: 7 Dates Inspired By 'Saved By The Bell'

Throwback Thursday: 7 Date Ideas Inspired By Saved By The Bell

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here's how to date like your favorite kids from Bayside.

Even if you don't remember when the original version of Saved by the Bell was on, I'm sure you've probably seen more than a few episodes in syndication. You don't truly know what awesome is until you've been introduced to the kids of Bayside High School, and know this clip intimately.

For those of us who know the ins and outs of Saved by the Bell, we carry those images with us everyday. Yes, it's that important to pop culture. So, what happens when a hardcore Saved by the Bell fan meets another one? Immediate soulmate, that's what! Oh, and a bunch of Saved by the Bell-inspired dates in their future, too.

Grab your AC Slater, Zack, or even Screech, and fall in love just like your favorite high schoolers — minus those annoying "time out/in" moments.

1. Attend a pep rally

OK, probably not possible if you're no longer in school, and honestly, no one wants to be that creepy person hanging around a bunch of 16-year-olds, but instead, go to a football game — and show your team spirit. Face paint, pom-poms — go all out in team colors. You can decide which player you'll call AC Slater all afternoon, while you talk about your cheerleading days, and your fella keeps discussing the new J.Crew catalog. You know, because he's "Preppy."


2. Hit up a diner

Sure, it won't be as cool and colorful as The Max, but with your best (and biggest) Kelly Kapowski hair, some suspenders that serve zero purpose except to look "cool," you'll realize French fries and milkshakes never tasted so good. As for the jukebox? If they don't have "I'm So Exicted," you need to find a new diner. If you must stay, pay tribute to Screech's alter-ego, Sinead O'Connor.


3. Go shopping

Some dudes may pretend to not be into it, but if ever there was a fashionista who would definitely date an equally-fashionable dude, that would be Lisa Turtle. And, of course, Lisa would bring a date shopping. You may not find the vibrant neon or big prints of the late 80’s and early 90’s, but that might be a good thing.

4. Enter a dance contest

Come on! All the kids were doing it! Fake a broken bone, gain some sympathy from the judges, and guess who wins? You two! You'll be like Lisa and Screech (although Lisa wasn't faking it.)


5. Attend a benefit

Although Jesse was never keen on the idea of a date-auction to raise funds for the new cheerleading uniforms, it doesn't mean you can't make date night a night of giving back to the community, and supporting those who need it. Besides, a reason to pull out a gown for a high-class gala sounds like fun to me.


6. Have a picnic on the beach

Perhaps, Zack and Stacey had to hide their love from her dad when they both worked at Malibu Sands Beach Club that summer, but even if you don’t have anything to hide, it's still fun to role-play that you’re getting away with something. Oh, the thrill of possibly being caught!


7. Throw A Luau

Speaking of that time they all worked on the beach, remember that end-of-the-summer luau? It was everyone's last shot at summer romance. Even if you're not seaside, you can throw a killer Hawaiian-inspired party with your guy. Break out the tiki torches and Mai Tais. Leis, grass skirts and ukuleles are a must.

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