Why's He Running? 3 Worst Mistakes Women Make In Relationships!

Love Advice: 3 Worst Mistakes Women Make In Relationships!

Oxygen's 'Find Me My Man's' Natalie Clarice likewise reveals the three love crimes men commit.

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Join @YourTango as we tweet with Natalie Clarice, the matchmaking star of Oxygen's Find Me My Man. During the show's season finale tonight, Natalie will take over the @Oxygen handle and answer YourTango's readers' questions about breakups, makeups, and everything in between using the hashtag #FindMeMyMan.
We're still a few hours away, so check out Natalie's advice below—including the 3 biggest mistakes women make in relationships!—and preview what's to come on tonight's episode.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you ever received?
Natalie Clarice:
Just because you have a past with someone, doesn't mean you should have a future with them.

YourTango: What couple do you most admire and why?
Natalie Clarice:
Jay Z & Beyonce! NOT because I am a huge fan, which I am a fan, but simply because they have successfully gone through all of the love stages, which is very important before you can say you have something meaningful and something special. They are definitely an example of a couple that displays what real true love looks like. 

YourTango: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Natalie Clarice:
No, I don't believe in love at first site. But I do believe in instant attraction.

YourTango: Tell your younger self something you've since learned about love, sex, or relationships.
Natalie Clarice:
Your first heartbreak is NOT the end of the world.

YourTango: What's the best way to resolve disagreements with your significant other?
Natalie Clarice:
Listening to each other and compromise toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

YourTango: What are the 3 biggest mistakes women tend to make in relationships?
Natalie Clarice:
Settling just to say you have someone, accepting bad behavior from their male companion, measuring their value based on her man's acceptance.

YourTango: What are the 3 biggest mistakes men tend to make in relationships?
Natalie Clarice:
Being too passive, not making their relationship a priority, lack of communication.

YourTango: What's your best advice for getting out of a dating slump?
Natalie Clarice:
Change your mindset and then change your action.

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