Is It Too Late To Save Your Marriage With Therapy?

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According to a statistic from the Gottman Institute, the average couple will wrestle with an issue for six years before going to therapy to get help. Why do couples wait so long to get help? If your relationship is on the rocks, should you consult a relationship expert?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns to YourTango Experts Richard Drobnick, Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, Lesli Doares and Paula Bisacre who offer their best advice for couples who resort to therapy as a last effort to save their relationships.

Richard Drobnick says that couples usually don't want to address the issues in their relationships. "Change is scary, so going to a counselor means I'm willing to change, I'm willing to take a risk," he says. "And oftentimes, people are not in a good marriage, but at least it's familiar. It's comfortable enough."

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