Does He Drive You Crazy While You're On The Road?

Ford and YourTango: Love On The Road survey

Our new infographic shows what couples are actually doing together in the car.

If you're in a relationship, chances are you'll be taking a road trip this summer. Our recent survey by Ford and YourTango of more than 1,000 people revealed that 90 percent of couples surveyed will be driving together this upcoming season and that 90 percent of couples think car trips actually help their love lives.

A new infographic (below) based off this survey, shows the activities and amenities most important to couples in the car. Catching up with each other, taking in the sights and listening to music ranked highest among road trip activities while comfortable clothing, snacks and a camera were the top road trips essentials.

We also learned the car may actually be where the heart is—with 88 percent of survey responders revealing that their best couple's conversations happen while driving. And, if they're not having heart to hearts, they're locking lips—74 percent of responders admitted to holding hands or swapping smooches at red lights.

Of course, coupled driving time doesn't always go off without a hitch—sometimes your passenger can drive you crazy, according to the survey results. These "disagreements" ranked highest on responders' lists of grievances:

  • 34 percent bicker over his/her driving skills/style (i.e. changing lanes too frequently, tailgating, driving to slowly, etc.)
  • 23 percent disagree on the car temperature
  • 17 percent disagree about directions
  • 10 percent bicker over when/where to stop for gas/food/bathroom
  • 6 percent disagree over foul language/gestures toward other drivers
  • 5 percent disagree on the volume within the car
  • 5 percent disagree on smoking

Still, most understand some bickering comes with the territory, and 77.4 percent still responded that they look forward to road trips with their loved ones.

Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below, where will you be road tripping with your hunny this summer?

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