5 Love Lessons From Holiday Movies

couple on couch watching holiday movie

From Rudolph to The Nightmare Before Christmas, these movies are filled with love.

Cuddled up on the couch today watching holiday movies? Here's what you can learn about love from some of our favorite Christmas flicks.

1. The most unexpected people might be the ones who pull through for you
Sure, Rudolph may have been about a reindeer and a sticky situation for Santa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a love lesson from it. Everyone thought Rudolph was a lost cause and no one wanted to give him a chance. However, the moment he was truly needed, he became a knight in shining (or glowing) armor and saved the day. Basically, don’t write someone off simply because they’re a little strange or different than anyone else you’ve dated — he may wind up being the most steadfast rock in your life.

2. People can be redeemed with support
A Christmas Carol holds one of the most important lessons in both life and the holiday season: people do change, sometimes. While Scrooge seemed to be a truly miserable human being, when his negative actions and demeanor were shown to him— rather than simply being yelled — he was able to evolve into a better human being. When it comes to serious relationship problems, you should attempt to explain to your partner the problems you have with him. Let him know that you want things to work out for the two of you. If he takes the necessary steps to grow and change for the better with your support, your relationship can be rescued.

3. Don’t take your current situation for granted (but do explore your options)
In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is bored with his very prestigious role in Halloween Town, even with his devoted love interest Sally. When he falls down a rabbit hole of sorts and winds up exploring an entirely new land, he finds himself enthralled in a 'grass is greener' situation (though in this case, the snow is whiter). Eventually, after nearly destroying his relationships with everyone around him, he recognizes the importance of being happy with what you have. Don’t simply covet change because it’s 'new'. If you have somebody you love who loves you, try to work with what you have and create excitement that way. Keep reading ...

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