Love Bytes: Do Financial Opposites Attract?

financial opposites

Plus, ugh, how to make men fight over you.

Admit it, not a single one of you thought MC Skat Kat and Paula Abdul were good match. I mean how could someone who likes to party all night possibly make it work with someone who likes to go to bed early? That's well and good but can financial opposites be happy together? (LearnVest)

Glad we've all graduated to 2012... how to make men fight over you. (TheGloss)

You have to hand it to the Chinese, no one has ever gotten AIDS from masturbating. Behold: the Wankathon. (Huffington Post)

The best things America's advice columnists had to say last week. (NYMag)

Does he have chest hair plugs? And 10 other signs a guy is a playah. (HerCampus)

Reason #945 to get breast implants: they stop bullets. (Huffington Post)

It is what it is. These 10 love-related phrases are PLAYED-OUT. Let's leave them in 2012. (Essence)

Sometimes sex is… gross. (

Physician, love thyself. 10 nice things to do for yourself this holiday season. (Betty Confidential)

Player don't like to get played. 3 games women shouldn't fall for. (Madame Noire)

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