Single this holiday season? Just follow these great tips to beat the holiday blues & Cheer Up!

The Holidays don't have to be a drag for single people...Cheer Up!

If you're single and looking for a relationship, it can be a lonely time during the holiday season especially when couples and holiday cheer surround you! There are countless ads showing happy-in-love couples exchanging romantic gifts: Cars with big red bows parked outside the house, dazzling diamond jewelry, and cozy getaways. Seriously? Then there's social media posts of your friends and their romantic boyfriends or husbands. It may seem everyone except you has a partner to exchange gifts with and to share the seasonal bliss…NOT!

The holidays signify togetherness, warmth, and giving. Both single men and women hope to have someone special to share it with, whether at a company holiday party, a friend’s Ugly Sweater party, or a family dinner. It can feel like the entire world is coupled up kissing under the mistletoe or passionately ringing in the New Year. You Are Not Alone! This perception can bring about a serious case of the holiday blues; making people feel sad and even depressed trying to avoid people and holiday events. DON’T FRET! You can beat the blues and enjoy your holiday season... maybe even attract your perfect partner.

Here are 5 tips to beat the holiday blues and enjoy the season…

Tip #1 Stay Connected

The worse thing you can do for the holiday blues is to be isolated from friends and loved. So reach out to your singles friends and co-workers, stay social and the invites to fun events will come. Take the initiative to invite your friends to join you for holiday events around town… ice-skating (every city has one now), caroling events or Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, holiday musicals or plays, etc. Check your local events list and social media pages for various events going on during the holidays.

Tip #2 - Throw A Party

It’s fun to plan a get-together with friends. Put out the word to other singles and ask them to invite their single friends. Perhaps you could have a potluck dinner so you’re not stressed doing it all yourself. Integrate a fun game…White Elephant or Secret Santa? Everyone is sure to have fun, and you might even make a new friend in the process.

Tip #3 – Volunteer

Holidays are a time to give, and what could be more rewarding than giving your time to a worthy cause? Check your local non-profit organizations and join their holiday events by volunteering to feed the hungry, collecting toys for needy kids, or fundraising for a great cause. It’s not only a great opportunity to meet people but the experience will remind you of all you have to be grateful for…gratitude is key to happiness.

Tip #4 – Join a Dating Site or Meetup Group

If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to join an online dating site. It’s a great way to meet new people even if it’s not a love connection. Check local Meetup groups, there’s hundreds of singles groups with fun events to join, most of them free or at minimal cost making it affordable to get out and have some fun while you meet new people.

Tip #5 – Get Moving

Why wait til January to start your New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve wanted to try something new or improve something about yourself, don’t wait! Need to get in shape? Join a gym now or try a yoga class…or maybe even Zumba? If you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, find a dance class and move! It’s a great way to get the endorphins going, not to mention meet new people.

The Holidays can be a great and memorable time of year filled with new experiences, opportunity to make new friends, and a chance at finding new love. Don’t let being single hold you back from appreciating the warmth and blessings of the holidays. It’s a gift…enjoy it!

We’d love to hear how you’ve beaten the holidays blues, and suggestions on fun holiday events?