Do You Get Distracted When Out On A Date?

distracted on date
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Study says both genders get distracted on dates -- but in different ways.

Once again science has proven that the differences between our genders when it comes to dating can sometimes lead to disaster. Sigh. If we can't even communicate in the same way, what hope is there for furthering of the species? Luck, maybe?

New research has found that men and women, when engaged in a conversation, tend to focus on different parts of the body belonging to the person opposite them, as well as different outside distractions. And, while I'm sure you're going to jump the gun and conclude that men are distracted by other women's boobs and such, their subconscious attention is actually on more ambient distractions, like passing cars.

In fact, women are the ones who can't keep their focus when other people come into the space around them and their dates. Research shows that if women get distracted in an intimate setting, their gaze is more likely to fall on other human beings. Although I've been known to have an innocent wandering eye (there is such a thing), I doubt that all of these women are seriously checking out other men. Could these differences be because women are traditionally more "nurturing" and more likely to focus on other human beings, while men, well, like gadgets? Not to be stereotypical again, but we also check out other women's outfits an awful lot. We're an attentive gender!

The study also found that during conversation, women tend to focus on the speaker's body and eyes, whereas men hone in on the mouth. See? They're not always checking out your rack! No, instead they're looking at your mouth and thinking about the wonderful things you may be able to do with it. Or, hopefully, they just want to see all the wonderful things you have to say since they're so visual.

Do you get distracted on dates?

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