4 Gold-Medal Dating Rules For Singles

eHarmony Presents: The Olympic Dating Games 2012
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eHarmony polled 2,012 men and women to get a feel for the "dating rules" of the day.

If you're like me, the Olympics have you completely fired up with American pride and athletic aspirations. But, if you're still like me, you haven't quite conquered waking up for your morning jog, let alone training for gold-medal greatness.

But worry not, non-athletic individuals of the world. Sure, we don't excel in sport, but that doesn't mean we aren't good at other games. Take dating, for example. It's all about understanding rules, outscoring the competition and landing the ultimate prize; except, in this case, the prize is a person (or even love!) rather than a medal. In order to excel in the sport of dating, however, you've got to read the playbook. Keeping that in mind, eHarmony recently polled 2,012 men and women to get a feel for just what the current "rules" are. Here are some you won't want to forget if you're going for the gold.

Investigate. Social media stalking is totally normal these days — nearly half of men and women scope out their potential dates online before the first date. We'll go ahead and file this under "research" purposes rather than assuming it's the kind of stalking that belongs in the "creepy" category. But, if anyone asks, it's just a way to discover potential conversation topics for the first date, right? Do You Google Your Dates?

Make the first move. Playing coy isn't just for women anymore. Forty-one percent of men admit to playing hard to get. So if you're a lady, sometimes you've gotta go for the gold these days!

Pick up the phone. Texting is the norm for conversation these days, but over 75 percent of men and women prefer an actual phone conversation to a text message. Essentially, making the effort to actually converse with someone leads to an advantage over the competition. But guys, forget the whole concept of waiting three days to actually make the call — 73 percent of women say its "ridiculous" (and 71 percent of your male peers agree).

Get cheesy. Pickup lines aren't just for trashy dudes in romantic comedies anymore. Nearly half of the women surveyed (44 percent) admitted to enjoying the occasional pickup line, as long as the man used them properly. So, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" won't win the gold, but something subtle and sweet will do the trick.

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