5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence

5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence
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Feeling down in the dumps? Here are some ways to increase your self-esteem in a heartbeat.

Sometimes you get hit by a bad day or fall into a slump. Whether you've got an hour or just a couple of minutes, try one of our ideas to instantly improve your confidence.

1. Check yourself out. According to our Irresistible You (IY) survey, half of you measure your physical beauty by how you feel when you look in the mirror. When you feel like you look great, your confidence goes up instantly! So why not put on the most flattering outfit in your closet, apply your favorite makeup, and give your hair a sexy tousle? Take a look in the mirror and give yourself some well-deserved adoration! Then just spritz on your flirtiest perfume and voila — you're ready to face whatever the day throws at you in style.

2. Work out. Studies have shown time and time again that exercise gives you endorphins. So whether you're a devoted Zumba fan or just love to take long walks, those happy feelings combined with the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something great for your body will raise your self-regard instantly. Plus, you'll get that gorgeous post-workout glow  —the perfect accessory to any outfit.

3. Receive a compliment — and believe it. Everybody loves to hear some nice words. Try to have a conversation with somebody who values you, whether it's via phone, email or face-to-face. If you're having a particularly down day, perhaps tell someone how you're feeling — a little reassurance can go a long way. Not only will you hear some kind words, but you'll also gain good feelings from speaking to somebody who cares about you, and that is a key ingredient for high self-esteem. 

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. One of the most damaging things you can do for your self-esteem is to compare yourself — whether it's your talents, career, looks, relationship status or anything else — to somebody else. This not only hurts your self-esteem, it can also harm your relationships and create tension. Instead, focus on your strong points. 

5. Cook a healthy meal. Good nourishment can go a long way to helping you appreciate yourself — especially since nearly 60 percent of you said that the activities most likely to make you feel attractive are eating right and exercising. Check out a brand-new recipe, grab the ingredients, and make yourself something delicious as well as good for you. Bump up this idea a notch by inviting some friends over to make it a social affair.

What tips and tricks do you use to boost your self-confidence?

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