16 Ways Feeling Irresistible Benefits Your Relationship

beautiful happy couple
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Feeling confident, healthy and attractive are the keys to a happy relationship.

Here at YourTango, we are all about the adage that it's as important to be the right person in your relationship as it is to find the right person.

Anyone who's been in a relationship knows that it takes finesse to maintain a happy "we" without sacrificing a happy "me," and vice versa. With this idea in mind, we have created Irresistible You, a 12-day initiative focused on helping you feel irresistible so your love life will, in turn, feel amazing, too.

Our first step was to find out what makes women (and men!) feel truly irresistible—and how this affects their relationships. From May 30 through June 19, 2012, we surveyed 717 YourTango readers about irresistibility, attraction, self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. The results are fascinating—check 'em out:

1. Feeling unattractive can damage a relationship. 90 percent of respondents said feeling attractive somewhat to hugely influences their overall relationship happiness. Just 10 percent said feeling attractive didn't have much or any effect on their relationship happiness.

2. Confidence and sense of humor are more irresistible than looks. 89 percent of respondents agreed that many relationship issues arise because one or both partners lack confidence in themselves. Additionally, respondents said "self-confidence" was the second-most irresistible quality in a mate—after a great sense of humor. Intelligence was the third-most irresistible trait, followed by the person's face, body and accomplishments. "What he/she is wearing" ranked last. Makes you think twice before prepping for a date, right?

3. Being in a relationship is not a quick-fix to feeling attractive. We asked if being in a relationship made respondents feel more, less or "about the same" beautiful. Half of women surveyed said being in a relationship doesn't change how they feel about their looks, since they feel beautiful for other reasons, while just over half—46.5 percent—said being in a relationship made them feel more beautiful. Just 3 percent reported feeling less beautiful when in a relationship.

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