Women don't need men to be happy


Why do you need a man to make you happy? Just having that girl time is sufficient enough.

BY Hope Kumor

You dress in your sexiest outfit to go out with your girls for the night. It's ladies night at a nearby club and you examine yourself in the mirror to check your hair and makeup before you leave for your best friend's house. Everything looks perfect and you’re beaming with confidence. Meanwhile, there are girls heading out with their boyfriends. But, that doesn't matter. You don't need a man to be happy. Besides, do you really want to deal with arguments, the phone calls, the presents, the constant nagging? No, it's time to live up the single life. Ladies, it is doable. You are able to live your life without him. That means you have more time for yourself. Wasn't it a pain having to be with him every second of the day anyway? You need to regain your confidence if you lost it in your last relationship. Here are some perks about the single life: 1) There's no need to let anyone know where you’re going or how late you will be out. It was annoying having to tell him every detail about your whereabouts. But, that is no longer necessary. 2) You can eat as many sweets as you like. Didn't you hate when he reminded you that you had fries earlier in the day and now a candy bar? Well, now you can eat what you want and not care if you gain weight. But, just be careful that it doesn't cause any health problems. Don't go to extremes. 3) You can wear whatever outfit you choose. You detested when he told you to change because the shirt you wore showed too much cleavage. He was just afraid other guys would get the wrong idea and hit on you. Now, wear that shirt and flaunt what you have! 4) You can do anything you want. If he bossed you around in general, that is no longer an issue. You don't need to listen to anyone except yourself, and maybe mommy and daddy if you still live at home. 5) Enjoy going out to clubs without him following you like a puppy dog. Be sure to dance with the cute guy in the corner, and hook up with him. You're single and it doesn't matter! The biggest thing to remember is enjoy this period of not having another half, because if you are stuck at home with Ben & Jerry, and don't go out and enjoy yourself, you may regret it. Take this time to do whatever you can because in a few years, you may get married and you will no longer have time to yourself. Those kids will run you ragged. So, have fun!