Community Spotlight: Is Casual Sex Good For Women?

A man and a woman have casual sex.
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Are one-night stands ever a good idea? Stereotypes long hold that men like casual sex more than women, but this week Love Buzz shared a study that found women like casual sex just as much as men, as long as it's a safe, pleasurable experience. YourTango user wheart1 wasn't surprised:

"It is about time someone figured it out. I also believe that the stigma of being called a 'Slut' or worse affects our decisions. I am older now and realize that the casual partners I have are safe and I get more from them sexually than any relationship I have ever had....just saying."

But what makes a woman seek casual sex? Is it all about pleasure and safety, as the research suggests, or something else? YourTango user spedeman shared an observation:

"One of the things that I've noticed is that older women are more prone to engage in this type of behavior simply because they have already figured out that the dream of meeting the handsome prince is only a fairy tale. They've been hurt, used and mentally/physically abused so they want to feel like they are in control. They are okay with simply getting their freak on and calling it a day."

Do you agree? Are women resorting to casual sex, because they're jaded about love? 

Over on the Ask YourTango forum, Breakingup2011 wonders if he should be worried that his wife has a close male friend:

"i am married for 25yrs, i was wondering if it healthy for a married woman to have a male friend and i came to found out after she erronously called my cell phone thinking she was talking to her male friend, what should i do i confronted her once she promise to stop talking to him and later this year i saw her cell phone with the male cellphone number still interacting... please advice i am hurting badly should i seek a divorce something?"

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Do you have any advice for Breakingup2011? Is something going on between his wife and her "friend," or might he be jumping to conclusions? Do you get jealous of your partner's relationships with the opposite sex?