YourTango Talks With Patti Stanger About Finding New Love

Patti Stanger DVD cover

The Millionaire Matchmaker herself opens up about what she's personally looking for in love.

Matchmaker and Bravo TV diva Patti Stanger has gone bicoastal to couple successful men and women with the loves of their lives. But because she's considered the ultimate yenta, many an eyebrow was raised when she called off her own engagement last summer.

Now, Stanger has married her breakup experience and priceless relationship advice together in her new DVD, Married In a Year: Your 12-Month Action Plan for Finding Love. She took some time to chat with us and revealed the quirky lessons she learned from Jewish grandmother, why limiting your "non-negotiables" is a must, and what she discovered from therapy this past year. Matchmakers' Insider Secrets

YourTango: Your 2009 book, Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate, got rave reviews for offering singles straightforward advice on how to find love in less than a year. What inspired you to make a DVD that covers similar territory?

Patti Stanger: If you read my book, you want more. You want to see how to do it. In the DVD, there's a Q&A session with a live audience. That's my favorite part. I'm a teacher by trade. That's what I'm here to do.

Any quirky lessons you've learned from your own teachers?

My Jewish grandmother said that you should never buy yourself pearls. If you do, you'll never keep love. And don't buy your guy shoes or socks—then he'll walk right out of your life. 4 Love Lessons From Gandhi

In this past season of Millionaire Matchmaker, you had a client who was hell-bent on sticking to a list of requirements for her potential mate. You responded by burning the list in the trash.

Right—that's because you get five non-negotiables (like "wants kids," "the same religion as me") and two physical quirks ("tall," "dark hair"). But if your laundry list is too long, there's no wiggle room for the universe.

You tweeted this past August that you ended your relationship with your fiance, Andy, because you didn't agree on the non-negotiables. How are things now? Are you looking for love again?

I'm looking for a husband. I'm looking to hire a matchmaker for myself right now. Destin [COO of the Millionaire's Club and Millionaire Matchmaker co-star] is doing a recruiting session for me off-camera. I've been blind dating, too. I'm going through it just like all the other chickadees out there.