Great Dates for Valentine’s Day


Planning a unique and amazing date for Valentine's will win you big points with the person you love.

Although you might be going hot and heavy in your relationship, the thought of planning a special Valentine’s Day could have you sweating bullets. February is the month when love is in the air and cupid’s arrow is looking to tackle the unwary, but just because the love bug is tugging at your heartstrings doesn’t mean you have the foggiest notion of how to express your feelings in a new and interesting way. There are always the old standbys (dining out, sending roses, buying heart-shaped chocolates), and your lady love will probably appreciate any gesture you make. However, it couldn’t hurt to spring something special on her, whether you’re new to the relationship or you’ve been together for several such occasions already. Here are a few ideas to kick off your Valentine’s Day right and show that special someone just how much they really mean to you.

1. Couple’s massage. If what you want is a little rest and relaxation, you can’t go wrong with a soothing massage. And by scheduling a couple’s session, you can both leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and ready for love.

2. Monuments. There’s no better way to show how much you love someone than to announce it to the whole world (or galaxy) by naming a monument in their honor. Consider dedicating a bench or brick at her favorite public venue and then take her for a visit to point it out. Or log on to the International Star Registry and give one of those sparkly stars in the heavens the name of your honey (and give her the certificate and star chart).

3. Bicycle built for two. For the outdoorsy couple, a little athletic activity might be just the ticket. Rent a bicycle built for two and get ready for a fun as you try to sync up your movements. Get your heart pumping as you head to your favorite café for some coffee and dessert, then pedal home for a nightcap and a well-deserved shower or bath for two (don’t forget the suds and a sponge!).

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