Behind Natalie And Ben's Black Swan Romance

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied
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A whirlwind courtship and a baby on the way—what else do the stars have in store for this couple?

When you spend months and months working on a intense psychosexual thriller, it kind of makes sense that you'd bond with your cast and crew. Like, really bond—in the naked way. As it turns out, Natalie Portman's not only engaged to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied, but the two are expecting their first baby. Can their chemistry live past the drama and excitement of the movie set? Moonit's ready to find out.

According to their birth dates, Natalie (born on June 9, 1981) and Benjamin (born on June 10, 1977) have an ideal working relationship. Their professional reading says that, "simply put, when they're together, these two geniuses can help each other broaden their mental capacity tenfold."

Because Natalie's "willing to listen to, accept and support his ideas," she can "reap some serious benefits from his brilliance." In turn, her "open-mindedness helps him better express his thoughts, making him more communicative than he would normally be."

Sounds great, right? Sure, but they're in for some communication issues on the lovey-dovey front. Their romantic assessment reveals that "these two communicate about as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arianna Huffington."

Their reading goes on to say that "unless one of them is a mind reader, they're probably going to need to learn how to express their feelings to one another like grown ups."

It's "hard enough to nurture a relationship," and "even tougher to go the distance if you don't know how to convey what you need to the person you care about." Yikes. Let's hope they view this baby as a joint business venture…

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