Why Don't Online Daters Care More About Politics?

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Most couples have similar political views. So why don't people express them when dating online?

I was always a bit confused when Maria Shriver married Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not because of his looks, although I do not find him attractive in the least, nor was it because of his wonky pronunciation of "California." My confusion stemmed from the fact that Shriver who, when you break it down, was and will always be a Kennedy—one of the most liberal family dynasties around—and Schwarzenegger is not.

A new study found that when it comes to online dating, people are more likely to confess that they're more on the, um, "fluffy" side when it comes to their physique than what their political stances are. In fact, 17 percent of online daters come clean about their less-than-perfect bodies in their profiles, while only 14 percent list their "political interests." Of the 27 categories of topics of interests among singles, politics ranked way down toward the bottom at 23, "just below 'video games,' but slightly above 'book club.'" 'What's Your Number' Movie Contest: Dish Your Number, Win A Prize

Casey Klofstad, an associate professor of political science at the University of Miami, wanted to see just how much politics came into play when people were looking for a mate online. His research found that although roughly seven out of 10 couples had shared political beliefs, those who make up the online dating scene didn't state their preference.

Said Klofstad: "We wanted to see if people were willing to use their political preference as plumage, if you will, to lure dates. We found out that the answer was no."

Political science professors examined data from 2,944 popular online dating site profiles, chose 313 random zip codes and went to work. When it came to politics, 57 percent of daters declared their political beliefs as being "middle of the road," with women being 8 percent less likely to report any interest in the subject at all.

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Online dating coach and founder of eFlirt Expert Laurie Davies wasn't too surprised by the findings, saying: "While some people on free sites are interested in a serious relationship and end up getting married and having children, others are just dipping their toes in the water to see what online dating is like. They are less likely to fill out their complete profile." 5 Topics Couples Don't Discuss (Though They Should)