'What's Your Number' Review: Would You Go Back To An Ex?

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In 'What's Your Number?' a single gal reconnects with her exes in hopes of finding The One.

Do you share the number of sexual partners you've had each time you sleep with someone new? Or is your number "unlisted?"

In What's Your Number?, Ally Darling's (Anna Faris) day — which has already consisted of getting both dumped and fired — goes from bad to worse when she reads a Marie Claire article claiming that women who've had 20 or more sexual partners usually end up alone (with several cats and the whole deal).

Ally starts to make a list, straining at times to remember a name or five. At her sister's engagement party (wow, could her life get any worse?) that night, she realizes she's already at 19. Then she gets drunk with the bridal party at a bar, sleeps with her ex-boss and oops, she's at 20. 'What's Your Number' Movie Contest: Dish Your Number, Win A Prize

Our promiscuous heroine then decides she'll never meet "The One" if she keeps having sex with new people. So when she randomly runs into a once-not-now-hot ex, she decides to hunt down her most enticing former flames. It's time to reduce, re-use and recycle.

This is a romantic comedy, so of course, Ally can't cyber-stalk all her exes by herself. Her sexy, often shirtless neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) comes to the rescue, promising that he'll lead the manhunt if Ally will let him hang out at her place while he's trying to elude his one-night-stand gals from the previous night. It's a deal. Anna Faris On Her "Number," Awkward First Dates & Stalking Exes

Ally goes to crazy lengths to bump into exes, even traveling from Boston to Miami for her annual Pap smear. (Her gynecologist ex doesn't remember her, but recognizes her girl parts. Boy, I sure hate when that happens.)

As improbable as the whole scheme is, I think we can all relate. Who doesn't get tired of seeking, finding and losing new romantic partners? Dorothy Parker once wrote, "Every love's the love before in a duller dress." The woman knew what she was talking about — she spent her single days in New York City.

The idea of wandering back to an old flame isn't just comfortable. It's usually pretty easy. You might even still be friends on Facebook! But there's always a reason things didn't work out the first time. Sometimes it's that the two ex-lovers are supposed to grow into better people separately and then get back together. (This happened, like, twice. Ever.) Most of the time, though, your ex was just wrong for you. Close the door. Lock it. Throw away the key.

While Ally's going through her catalog of exes, she overlooks that the charming Colin has become her number-one fan. He's talented, funny and encouraging. His abs have abs. And he doesn't care one bit about Ally's number, which earns him even more points in my book.

Because what's really in a number? If it's just sex, what counts as sex? Is all sex created equal? Quantifying something so subjective is the ultimate fuzzy math — that's actually not a pubic hair joke — and I don't think it benefits anyone. A number too high or low evokes shame and competition, which are probably the two unhealthiest things to bring into the bedroom.

You'll have to catch What's Your Number? in theaters to find out if Ally gets over her number. But what about you?

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