Love Bytes: Are You A Victim Of Blind Love?


Plus what women in relationships dream about and sex makes us healthy.

10 Must-Clicks on Sex, Love, and Relationships:

Certified clinical hypnotherapist Kelly Sullivan Walden lists the five most common dreams of women in committed relationships—and how to interpret them. [lemondrop]

Crushable's Lost in Translation writer goes emo about "blind love" after saying a liiittle too much within the first five minutes of recent date... [Crushable]

A study shows that sexually active men live longer; but the study also found that sexually-active cheaters have heart problems—given the stress they put on themselves as a consequence of hiding their infidelity. [TheFrisky]

Wondering whether or not your self-indulgent self has a sex addiction? This sex-loving writer is wondering the same thing. [CollegeCandy]

According to a university study (we find it amusing that they're fighting this), hook-ups "have a fighting chance to turn into committed long-term relationships." [AOL Health

Judith Johnson, author of The Wedding Ceremony Planner, goes beyond the mechanical and chemical and delves into the psychological and spiritual reasons why we "fall in love" [Huffington Post Living]

It doesn't matter to Prince William that his fiancee doesn't came from either wealth or royalty. [Double X]

Michael Lee, author of How to Be an Expert Persuader in 20 Days or Less, offers 10 tips to get people to "do what you want willingly, resulting in a win-win scenario for everyone involved." Try this with your spouse tonight! [Glo]

This URLesque field guide informs ladies about the 11 kinds of guys you will meet when browsing for dates online. [URLesque]

"For years now women have been told to be more assertive in their relationships, that in the healthiest partnerships, you and your man contribute equally—be it around the house or in bed. But that mindset can cause one-for-me-one-for-you accounting, which ultimately breeds resentment." [MarieClaire]