Does Thinking About Cheating Count As Infidelity?

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An Italian court upheld an annulled marriage after the wife thought about having an affair.

A disgruntled husband in Italy filed to annul his marriage after his wife told him she may want an open marriage. No word on how long the couple were married, in what context her "open marriage" musings took place and whether the marriage was basically finito anyway, but the Italian court system ruled in favor of the man, the marriage dissolved and the former wife isn't even allowed to receive alimony.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Both the lower court (where the claim was initially filed) and the highest Italian court (where the woman would later appeal) agreed that the mere mention of cheating—regardless of the fact she never actually committed adultery—is enough to pretend the marriage never took place. Mind-boggling considering we'd have exactly 3 married couples left in the entire world if marriages disintegrated after a stray sexual thought here or there. Is Cyber Cheating Really Cheating?

There are far too many unknown variables to discern if this level of "open marriage" taunting could be considered fraud, temporary mental insanity or an intention on her part of entering into a "mock marriage"—all of which are valid reasons for ananulment. As is adultery, of course, but the court could never prove that she slept with other men.

What's puzzling, however, is that some news sources claim Angry Husband knew of her desire for an open marriage before the two tied the knot. If this is true, he knew exactly what he was signing up for and could very well have humored the notion hoping she'd change, only to realize her bed-hopping fantasies were serious.

The moral of the story: pay attention and actually listen to your significant other. While some actions (taking out the garbage, paying bills on time) might be malleable after an "I Do" don't expect open marriage daydreams to fade away after the wedding.