YES! Finally, We Can Have Our McWedding

couple married at drive-thru window
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Are the Golden Arches nuptials the be-all, end-all of strange weddings?

If you read Tomfoolery on any kind of regular basis, you likely know about my obsession with three things: strange engagements, ED medication and really weird wedding venues. But this most recent one will probably make us invent a new name for generic, paint-by-numbers nuptials. 

The grand-pappy of all fast food restaurants is getting in on the act. According to USA Today, McDonalds is hoping that you're loving it. The venerable burger chain has restaurants stretching from Bakersfield to Baku, and three locations in Hong Kong will start hosting McWeddings. 

The restaurant plans on taking a uniquely Mickey Ds approach to the traditional Chinese wedding. USA Today mentions that feeding each other cherries will be replaced with feeding each other French fries. The 9 Worst Retail Chains For A Wedding

As you likely know, the old golden arches aren't quite the same overseas as they are in the contiguous 48. They have different menus based on local customs. For instance, while the cow is pretty important in Texas, it's sacred in India, so they don't really eat them much. Instead, they use lamb, which, to my knowledge, isn't sacred in any major culture. In addition to menu variances, other countries treat the house that Ronald built with less derision despite often proclaiming to hate America culture. It's a schizophrenic relationship that often means traveling Yankees won't have proper ketchup for their fries or ice for their soft drinks when they stop by for a comforting Big Mac Attack, and may just choose to wear a Canadian flag on their backpacks to avoid hassles.

In a follow-the-follower situation, some fast food chains in the states have begun experimenting with slightly different fare and décor… like the BK Lounge on 7th Avenue and 40th Street in NYC, which doesn't have double cheeseburgers. Just their crazy Angus beef burgers.

But they do have beer, so that's something.

Would you ever consider a McDonalds wedding? Is it that much goofier than a tiger sanctuary? 9 Wacky Facts About Katy Perry's Wedding

And enjoy my favorite McDonalds commercial of all time: