The Saga Divorce Is On The Rise

older couple hugging

Why are 50-somethings getting divorced?

There's a theory going around that monogamy was invented in a time when people didn't live very long, and the powers that be (or the powers that were, as it were) wanted them planting fields, fighting wars and rearing deferential children rather than going out tomcatting and spilling their seed. Also, as the law of primogenitor was in effect, it was going to be a real pain in the you-know-what if people had second and third families Lindbergh-ing about*.

Anywhom, as this longer life has become more of the norm, people have gotten a little bored and complacent, and tastes and needs have diverged. The Telegraph calls a Saga Divorce one in which a couple splits after the age of 50, after their children have left home. For some couples, the empty nest (and the show Empty Nest) is a shot in the arm for their love life, as they can finally do it on the kitchen table (while watching Empty Nest on VHS). For other couples, it brings relationship issues that had been in the background into sharp relief. Couples Know Less About Each Other Over Time

The Telegraph reports that many men (one-quarter of those surveyed) over 50 get divorced in part because they are no longer having sex, whereas roughly the same number of women get divorced because their partner has become emotionally distant and cold. Sort of a chicken and egg situation, if you ask me. My old pappy used to say that men talk to women to get them to have sex with them, while women have sex with men to get them to talk to them. And if you have a dude who's not interested in sex or chatting, well, you still have those Empty Nest tapes, I suppose. The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading

Maybe we lose track of each other's needs. Maybe we shouldn't get so boring. Or maybe we shouldn't live so long. What do you think is at the root of all this?

*Note: Maybe there is something intrinsic in humans when it comes to having committed relationships, as most cultures seem to marry in some way or another.