Dating profile headlines that make me go ick.


Though I believe that every online dating profile should be written in a way that’s as brilliantly deliberate and as emotionally manipulative as an ad (though in advertising we use the euphemism “strategic”), I’m not convinced that the headline has as much importance. People tend to look at the photos then go straight to reading profiles. A headine is usually inconsequential unless it’s especially good or bad. My concern is with the bad ones.


I scanned three sites today: Match.com, POF and PerfectMatch. I scanned them for no more than 5 minutes each. Yet, on each of these dating sites, and in that short span of time, I managed to compile a list of headlines that are more likely to turn a person off than on.


Here they are:



Boredom is not living


Live every day with meaning


Live two love


Enjoy the journey


The best is yet to come


I’m a sensualist, are you?


Life is good


Take in all that life offers


Don’t forget to dream


Don’t worry be happy


One + one = not two lonely


These headlines are all so preachy and trite. I recently wrote an entire blog on why preachy headlines don’t work. Mainly, they talk at you rather than engage you. They also say nothing about the person except, perhaps, that he or she has no creativity. 


This may sound harsh. But, keep in mind; if you’re online dating then you’re facing a lot of competition. Everything from your looks to your words needs to be deliberately designed to entice a person to contact you or reply to you. 


These headlines sound disingenuous and can hurt your chances rather than boost them. Do you really think that “Boredom is not living” sounds sincere or even interesting? Or that “don’t worry be happy” has depth? 


Instead, keep your headline simple. Let it sum up a good attribute in you, or use it as a smooth segue into your first sentence. Or, just don’t write one at all. Concentrate on crafting that all-important opening line instead. Then make sure every word keeps a suitor’s interest right to the end.  Take the time to craft and make every word count. Don’t be happy with average because, chances are, that’s all you’ll attract.


The irony about dating profiles is that people feel less conspicuous when they write one that “fits in” when, in fact, they’re online to get noticed. 


This is yet one more reason why you should hire a professional ad writer (me!) to write your online dating profile. I’m trained to make my clients stand out.



For tips on how to write a great online dating profile check out the samples of great online dating profiles at http://trysweettalk.com. Better still,  go straight to “get started” and fill out the free online personality quiz.