Could Apple Have Stopped Brett Favre's Sexting?

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Finally, someone is serious about stopping sexy text messaging, but too late for Favre.

Apple Inc., the maker of the OS X operating system and some other things, has never had a real lovey-dovey relationship with untoward content. Like when Steve Jobs said (paraphrasing!) to get an Android if you want to watch porn (See TechCrunch). Maybe it's because of their partnerships with Disney and maybe a guy who always wears a black turtleneck is a little ashamed of/ intimidated of the human body

And now, just in time for the hot 'n heavy part of the "Brett Favre boner picture text message," Apple has a product coming out of 2008 patent that will allow users (and parents!) to filter objectionable text message content. has the whole story.

Well that should put this sexting epidemic to bed, right? A big part of living in twenty-first century American is the firm belief that the government and large corporations are responsible to protect us from ourselves and taking an active role in raising our children. Good times.

Even if you had my phone on 6 degrees of sexy text lockdown, I'm sure I could figure some way of telling my Lolita that I was thinking of her in very specific scenarios and I'm not even that talented at dirty talk. (I'd likely use Cockney Rhyming Slang because it already has one good word in it and it seems generally fun in the movies.) Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Obviously, the next step beyond editing out objectionable written content is to team up with Chatroulette and find a way to filter out photos and video of genitalia. Apple iPad A Big Hit On Twitter, Period

Would you install this on your iPhone? Are Droid users more likely to sext? Is this Brett Favre thing an actual big deal and is it more than a coincidence that the dirt was released just before he played the Jets?

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