5 Tips For Dating Your Political Opposite

republican and democrat mascots in a boxing ring
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Would you ever date across the political aisle? If so, here's how to do it.

He was gung-ho for Obama. You wrote in your vote for Kucinich. You roll your eyes every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth. He hangs onto her every word. When it comes to politics, the two of you are at each other's throats. Is your relationship doomed? Should you give up now? Or is it possible that you just might find some common ground despite your differences, and end up going the distance? According to a YourTango poll, a surprising 77% of respondents said they would date across the political aisle.

If you're willing to take a chance on love, we have 5 tips that might be helpful for making this thing work.

1. When you first find out he's a tried-and-true Republican, don't jump to conclusions. What is it about him that you were attracted to in the first place? What other characteristics does he have that are compatible with your own? Get to know a person's other attributes before judging them by political affiliation alone. The fact that they vote Republican doesn't mean that they can't also share common interests with you, be there for you during difficult times, make you laugh, and... um... generally rock your world. Can A Democrat Love A Republican?

2. Discuss your political differences early on in the relationship, and often, especially if politics are important to you. And don't shy away from the tough topics. Get rowdy. Have heated discussions. It's OK to disagree. The fact that you have disagreements does not mean your relationship is doomed. Rather, it's how these disagreements play out that predicts the life expectancy of your relationship. So pay attention to how the two of you argue. It can be a good indicator of how you'd handle differences and big decisions as a couple in the future. When To Talk Politics In A New Relationship

3. And don't focus upon his political affiliation. Rather, focus on the specific issues that the two of you are most passionate about. The issues that would affect your lives together. The issues that are true deal breakers.

4. Speaking of the issues, when discussing politics, try your darndest to see those issues through the other person's eyes. Don't be so quick to debate. Instead, get past your own rhetoric and learn to listen. Discuss why it is the two of you feel the way you feel. Practice reflective listening to ensure complete understanding. Being able to understand where the other person is coming from will also help you to know what's truly important to you. Is he conflicted over health insurance policies? Why does trickle-down economics make so much sense to you?

5. And finally, don't allow those fiery arguments to come between the two of you. Instead, let them fuel some truly hot sex. Those heated debates you've been having could give you a major adrenaline rush, spiking the brain's natural amphetamines—dopamine and norepinephrin—and making you more aroused. Hello make-up sex!

Have you dated across the political aisle? Did it work out or not? Why?