Taiwan Is Paying People To Have Babies

man listening to pregnant wife's belly
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Due to a crappy replacement rate, an island nation creates incentives.

I know many of you have been feverishly following Taiwan's problem with procreating below the replacement rate. Check here to catch up: $30K Prize For Solving Taiwan's Fertility Problem

Well, it seems that someone has finally solved the baby-making problem: throw money at it, literally. The Taiwanese government is going to toss cash at couples in order to persuade them to get to the baby-makin'. According to Time, the government of the Republic of China (as Taiwan is really just the island that represents 99 percent of the nation's sovereign space) will splash couples with $640 cash-on-the-barrelhead for each lil' bundle of joy.

In addition to the gravy-for-babies payola, the government is also contemplating a dealy-bobber that would give some couples grants for IVF—to the tune of 4,800 smackers—in case they needed a little jolt of science to get that gestation a-go-go.

Obviously, 640 bones is not going to go that far in terms of off-setting the damage done to a woman's supple, tight young body, nor help her husband un-see the devastation (plus, you know, diapers, inoculations, eyeglasses, Ming Vases, etc.).

Not only that, but is throwing cash at the problem really the right solution? I mean, if the cost of a night of bottle service is all it takes to convince a couple to procreate, maybe they... shouldn't be procreating? Or perhaps they should at least hold off until their finances are in order (unless, of course, they're criminally insane or really, really coveting a 27-inch plasma TV). 

There has to be a better way to get couples to procreate. Tax credits? Free day care? Japanese Robot Is Supposed To Cause Baby Fever

Is there a correlation between cultures with access to PlayStation 3 and the unlikelihood of wanting children? If so, is it causal?