Dating And Technology: Do You Text Too Much?

Dating And Technology: Do You Text Too Much?

Advice and insight on texting, dating and boobs.

Here is an SAT question for you.

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In other words, an annoying, nevertheless, essential part of the equation. Or at least, that's how I feel about things. And as someone who just got texting on her phone two months ago, my opinion probably doesn't count. But, as the host of this new series 'Lyz On Love', YourTango's weekly round-up of the hottest relationship news on the web, I'm paid to give my two cents. So, there it is.

Turns out, according to a YourTango poll, most people say that they are fine with a balance of texting and calling. Still, I wonder: How often do relationships actually achieve that balance? I'm still working on getting my husband to call me, and we've been married 5 years.

How has texting played out in your relationships? And for those of you struggling (and I know you are) here are this week's links, full of great advice, but minus my fabulous earrings, so win-lose. But never fear, the earrings are in the video, so count yourselves lucky.

Ladies, stop your crazy-town texting. 

Rules for texing and dating. Because I know how well everyone follows rules...

Too many booty calls? How to stop them. (You wish, right?)

Now, some real advice from people who know things about relationships, besides what they learn off of Sims.