4 Love Lessons From The Bachelorette Finale

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Despite the tears, lies and drama, we find lessons in the Ali and Roberto Bachelorette finale.

Here at YourTango, we don't advocate saying "I told you so" to prove a point, but…we told you so. After 10 rose ceremonies, this season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, and we're pleased to announce that Ali gave her final rose to none other than 26-year-old Roberto Martinez.

We'll admit—we did have our fears that it might not come together for these two. After a season complete with a hint of crazy, a dash of taxidermy, and a whole lot of jerk, we worried that Ali might actually choose to be alone in the end. Heck, after the whole Frank fiasco, we thought she might swear off of men all together (read: Can You Spot A Jerk When You See One?).

Yet through all of the drama of season six, one thing remained constant, and that thing, friends, was Roberto and Ali's effortless connection. From the moment Roberto stepped out of the limo, we knew it was the beginning of something beautiful. Something very, very beautiful.

And let's not forget about "class favorite" Chris L., second in line for the Bachelorette's heart. Although we preferred Roberto, a part of us actually dreaded the final rose ceremony. We figured Roberto would get the rose, and we felt that a man as genuine, upstanding and charming as Chris did not deserve to be humiliated publicly—mid-proposal, no less. Sugar Or Spice: With Men, Which Is Better?

But in an unexpected twist, Ali let Chris go before he had a chance to propose, or even go on their final date.

"You're one of the best men I've ever been able to meet in my whole life…I'm in love with somebody else…I just didn't want to put you through tomorrow." Although Ali's words surprised us and certainly surprised Chris, we couldn't help but feel proud of our Bachelorette. It seems as though she learned from the mistakes of Jesse and Frank. And so, in honor of Ali's breaking the Bachelorette mold and restoring our faith in the ability to find love on a reality show, we present to you the top four love lessons from this season. 4 Love Lessons From The Jake And Vienna Interview

1. It's best to be as honest as possible as soon as possible. We hate to admit it, but perhaps Jesse and Frank were good for something, after all. After Ali was hurt by their dishonesty and cowardice, it seems as though she couldn't bear to do the same thing to Chris. And so, as soon as she knew she was in love with someone else, she was honest about her feelings. Instead of allowing Chris to go through all of the trouble and emotional stress of buying a ring and proposing, she allowed him to leave with dignity rather than humiliation. Though it can be difficult to tell the truth, especially when it could hurt the other person's feelings, we urge you to remember the age-old idiom: honesty is the best policy. It can save both of you a lot of hurt, anger and bitterness in the long run.

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