9 Ways I Got Over My Ex

9 Ways I Got Over My Ex

I went through a bad breakup weeks ago and still miss my ex.  How did I cope with it? 

1.  Time heals.  It is easier said then done.  Just give yourself time to heal.  Map your progress.  For example, I would say, "wow it has been 2 weeks since I have contacted _______!  Let's see if I can go a month".  Stuff like that made me feel proud of myself.  Also, put it in to prospective: is this other person spending this much time thinking about you?

2.  Have a good cry.  Those first days or even week just cry it out.  It is better to me to let it out then hold it in and that could lead to another emotion like anger.

3. Do not contact your ex!  Get rid of all of their stuff and contact info, pictures..everything!  Even though you may have his/her number memorized, resist the urge to call.  I made the mistake of calling my ex and I knew what would happen.  They didn't pick up or I didn't hear what I wanted to hear.  This always leads to more heartache and disappointment.

4. Exercise!  I started kickboxing 4 times a week.  Not only am I in better shape than I have been (in case I do run into my ex!) but I let my anger out.

5. Reconnect with friends and family.  There are so many friends that I abandoned or didn't spend time with because of my relationship.  Being surrounded by them and venting to them made me feel better.  I didn't realize how much time I spent with my ex!  I had lost touch with everyone.  I started spend more time with my family too and realized how wonderful it is to have them.

6. Retail therapy.  Don't spend money in an out of control fashion!  Just by yourself something nice.  And maybe something he/she said you could buy when you were together. 

7. Write it out.  Write a letter to your ex and never send it.  Make a list of his faults and why he/she was not the one for you.  Remember, if they really were the one for you then you would not be broken up.  And if it truly is meant to be, this person will come back into your life.

8. Learn something new.  I put all my obsession with my ex and passion I had for him into my schooling.  I ended be a semester ahead of my graduation plans because of this.  Not in school?  Take up a class, such as learning a new skill or language.  Even more fun classes await you such as a stained glass class or a wine appreciation course.  The possibilities are endless!

9. Self- discovery awaits you.  During my time spent alone, I was able to find new things out about myself.  I wrote a list of my faults and things I love about my self.  I was also able to find out more about the people in my life I called my friends.  Many of friends stopped calling me or texting me.  It was a shock to me.  I found out whom I could depend on and who truly supported me.